W.T.R./ Loud Ass Radio
In The Mix 
July 2019
Whats up everybody we are back with another  installment of The WTR/LOUDASS  NEWS. For this month we will be talking about a couple of new artists that we have signed as well as some big news for Loud Ass Radio. So first off we would like to say congrats to Beastmode and the Wickid Pimps as they single handily went out to the Triad Theater and beat the Washington Hero's. After speaking with the winners they told us that it was a very close competition, they didnt think they were going to win , but Jolka Came in for the villain win with his closing solo set. Again congrats villianz lets keep killing these competitions. Next in Wickid Tendency Records land we would like to  welcome Unjust to the team as he is the newest member to join the team. Be on the lookout for unjust. Also make sure to keep your eyes open for the next new act to join as the announcment will be made live. However know that Wickid Tendency Records will be Signing its very first Band who will be working on thier first studio release. As well as will be accompanying Suicide in the new 7cyde project an all rock to hip hop mix. We would like to bring your attention over to the loud ass merch store as we are updating daily. Make sure to come get the first studio release Deadline To Pueblo by the one and only Stamp3d3. This is a great album from beginning to end, displaying extreme chopper skills make sure you get your copy today. We also would like to announce the release of  Mental Case by Wickid Tendencys Very Own E-Roc. Make sure to get your copy today. Darkside of Hell by Crookid Gee as well as A Lunatics View have also been restocked so make sure to pick those up as well. Last but not least be on the lookout for the very First Wickid Tendency Mix Tape. This album is filled with fire from every wtr artist, Make sure to get your 7-15-19..